Friday, December 18, 2009


It's been way too long since I've been on this thing!  I got back from Kripalu a week ago and had an amazing time while I was there (the photo above was taken by my new yoga friend Steven!)  Unfortunately I came down with some sort of diabolical plague the last couple days I was there and then my hubs developed a different plague so we have been basically de-plaguing our lives and trying to make Christmas gifties at the same time with little success.  Tomorrow we are headed to Iowa for 10 days of family good-ness and I'm sure lots of cookies, etc.  Needless to say there won't be much action for some more time but hopefully you are so busy that you won't think to even read this until 2010 :-)

***About ETSY:  I am taking my merch with me to Iowa so if you want to order anything in the next ten days go for it!  I will be unable to do custom orders until the new year, however.****

I also won't be sending out a newsletter until then.   A girl can only do so much before she has to say, "heck!  I want to just sit back and watch a million movies and drink Silk Eggnog".  

So Hum So Hum
So Hum Shivo Hum
(I am that I am; I am enough)

May you know the abundance in your life!  
Happy Holidays!