Thursday, July 15, 2010

Odds and Ends and Beginnings

This morning in the studio.
Under my studio table= storage for broken umbrellas, gardening stuff and paper products.
New sculpture detail and a bit of painting.
I'm leaving for Vermont on Tuesday. I have some serious packing to do. It's funny to decide what to bring for 7 weeks away from home. I am hoping to pack it all in that orange suitcase and the box under it giving priority to art supplies. My mom pointed out recently that I have no problem wearing items of clothing that I like over and over again so that takes care of that. I just have to make sure I have something to wear when I give artist talks and things to wear to make art in and do yoga. No problem ;-)
My sister recently reminded me that I haven't posted a picture of the litter box house I made last winter. It's made of 100% recycled materials. It also acts as the "shelf" where we keep our recycling. It was inspired by my friend Ariele's litter box house.
Here are the yellow bauble earrings I made last month. I love them! They are super light weight. When I bought them the shop owner said they are Japanese glass... I'm not sure if that means they're from Japan or in the style of Japanese baubles. Either way, they rock!

I'm super excited to be going to The Barn for a residency and life just gets better and better because when I return I will start working at an amazing place called Studio Creative Play, a preschool alternative. I've been a sub there for two days during the summer collage camp and I LOVED it. The Studio is all about creating connections with the children and to help them cultivate their own inner voice. The staff are so well taken care of even to the point of the program being designed to inspire us as well as the children. I left work feeling super energized. What a dream boat job! Also, I found out that the building I work in is in a scene of The Royal Tenebaums when Anjelica Huston and Danny Glover walk out of a building and talk to Gene Hackman (toward the end). The building is so old and beautiful. All of the children I taught this week believe it's magical and haunted which inspires some excellent storytelling and art projects.

When I'm at The Barn I am not entirely sure how much I will be blogging. I am waiting to see if I am going to use the time to go on a computer diet or perhaps I will be so inspired to share my thoughts regularly. Either way, there will be updates sometime! I hope you are all having a great week!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Inspiration and Epoxy

are a sculpture duo who I just fell in love with. They're sugary sweet and delicious.

Perfect for inspiring my new, less-ephemeral sculptures. I started using an amazing epoxy clay called Magic-Sculpt. Images coming soon!
More inspiration:
I found them all on a blog called Vondy.

Happy Friday! I spent the morning painting and playing with epoxy clay . Now I'm off to see some art at the MOMA and hopefully eat some dope food with my husband!