Friday, October 30, 2009


Hello again gals and pals!  I wanted to further explain my mask of exceptional pinkness seeing as it is Halloween weekend AND because I love masking.  
The setting:  a final masked bonfire/dance party at Vermont Studio Center.   
The idea:  it's me in 50 years.  
I decided that by then, I will probably have grey or white hair and therefore will be easily able to dye it pink (or to add pink extensions!)  And why stop there? I think a beehive will be just the thing to express my love of life and all things pink.  Also, I've heard it's really easy to keep things in a beehive such as pencils, rainbows and snacks for later (in their packaging, of course!)  
Masks are a really cool project as they have sort of a magic to them.  They can bring out characteristics in the wearer and the maker that might otherwise remain hidden.  Masking is a huge part of Voodoo traditions and is really interesting to me.  When I wore this mask I was trying to decide what characteristics it brought out in me but couldn't decide.  Perhaps I was more enthusiastic...  is that possible?

The artists in the picture with me are (from left to right):  
Here's Michelle's AMAZING mask she made out of found materials that included a Tampax box, some tape spools and something else equally cool.  I think she belongs in the movie City of Lost Children whenever I see this photo.  

On a final note, I wonder how many Michael Jacksons we will see this weekend?  
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fine Feathered Friends

Thank you, Michelle!!!  
I'm home again, home again, jiggidy jig!  Guess what I found sitting in my studio when I got back to Brooklyn?  A package from Michelle Summers!  Check out the cup she made!!  It's so fantastic and inspiring!  There were also beautiful beads, tiny goodies and an amazing huge plastic flower!  Check out her shop and her blog.  She's been blowing up the craft show spot.  What a rock star!
 What it that on the wall?  So much space!  So little color!  Who made that?
I would like you to meet my ghosts.  
Ghosts, Readers.  Readers, Ghosts.
Sorry this introduction has to happen in such informal darkness.  I would have had you meet in a much more personal and glamorous setting but alas, a few of my ducks are yet to get in a row since I returned home. One of those ducks is riding on a new hard drive soon to join our personal computing paddling, inviting another duck to join in the form of functional Photoshop.  "Which is the ugly duckling?"  you ask.  I would ask you, "in heart or face?  I will never give the ending away!"  (What am I talking about?)

Ducks and rows aside, hello again! I just spent one month at Vermont Studio Center and I'm still riding the wave of productivity and inspiration that started there.  I had quite a few breakthroughs in my work and thought a lot about what the heck makes life worth living (which, by the way, includes dance parties and pancakes, but mostly meaning making). I also met amazing people and made a bazillion paintings on paper.  (If you look "bazillion" up in the dictionary it will tell you "a number somewhere around 60.")  I have so much to share.  Just give me a second to psyche up my fine feathered paddlers and I'll tell you all about it!

Here's looking at you 2059!