Sunday, June 17, 2007

some links

This is a new necklace I made for Twig last week.

Today, as I was exploring new ways to increase traffic to my websites, I discovered that I have been posted on a site called stylehive I have not even heard about this before and I am pretty excited about it! What a small world the internet makes.

I have also been reading some bits of Home Jewelry Business Success Tips which has great tips for anyone starting such an endeavor. Rena Klingenberg is a genius for contributing so abundantly to the community of self-employed crafters. There is a reason her website is in the top 1% if visited websites.

I just finished an AMAZING book yesterday: Eat Pray Love but Elizabeth Gilbert. So refreshing and inspiring. It reminded me in concrete ways about how important it is to find depth in my life and that deepening what I know about myself and the universe is a constant process (ever heard that before?) full of pleasure, pain/discomfort and love. I feel like I renewed vows to myself and now I'm on another honeymoon, on my way to the rest of my life. I love when art does this for me.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

pics and updates from Craft Land

Mikel just found this photo of us in NYC last year at Cinders gallery in Brooklyn. I added the grease to my face for the shot. Like it?

I also figured out how to insert links into my blog: use a different search engine. Not that this is an interesting thing to read about, but it is a significant aspect of the weird things I have to learn on my process of becoming a full-time artist.

Other things I have learned this week:

1. Sometimes it takes reading my horoscope to let myself off the hook (it told me to relax about my work endeavors until the 11th.)

2. Some colored wire is really wire just wrapped in plastic tinsel which is useless for beading because it peels and gets in the way of seed beads.

3. It is not pushy to hand out business cards...I keep telling myself.

4. I know there is something to learn from my problems uploading images on ETSY. I just haven't learned them yet.

Here is a photo of a new bracelet I made this week.

On the next episode of Craft Land: more photos, more fun.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Beginnings

I made it to Vermont. It has been way too long since I've written in my blog due to moving. Now that I am up in my home country I feel my creative spirit jumping for joy (as well as glitter, paint and beads!) I am currently at an excellent coffee shop in Morrisville, VT called Bee's Knees. This is one of the best coffee shops I have ever been to. Vegan friendly, great coffee, nice people.
Since I've been in Vermont I have made a bunch of jewelry to send to an online boutique out of St. Petersburg, FL called Twig. Check it out on My stuff won't be posted until at least next week since I just sent it, but the boutique is really excellent.
I also am painting up a storm. I want to have images of new paintings to publish in the next publication of RaiseUp ( Any artist should apply for this when they have an open call. It can bring really great opportunities (of which I have not experienced yet since the book is not published yet).
My husband just launched his website this week. The collaborative art collective he is part of is called The Fluff Constructivists. Check it out: It's a fantastic site. He and Ethan (the other member of the Fluff) make good work.
Now to add new stuff to my ETSY site. Ciao!