Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Works in Progress

"Rainbow Deli: String Cheese Theory"

This was inspired by a company that makes miniature food called Rainbow Deli. You can see a pic of the tiny stuff in an earlier blog of mine.

Here are some more glances at Craft Land. The most exciting thing for me is my new focus on more landscape-like imagery.

This one doesn`t have a title yet. It might be called "King Frog #2"... We`ll see.

This is MAJORLY a work in progress, but so far I`m finding it really exciting because I hardly use the color blue, especially in a really dark landscape. I started this one night when it was snowing heavily over Fukami Pond- across the street from my apartment.

Another snowy landscape. It looks like glowing birds hanging out in marshmallows.

Here`s a terrible image of my new baby, a sculpture I will apply to a show in Tampa, FL with. The eyes of the doll and the flowers around it, light up. Here`s a rear image:

Today I redescovered an artist I am really excited about: Phoebe Washburn. I love finding new inspiration.

Time for Elementary school!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just get it out there

Just get it out there. That`s my new look on life. By that I mean: go with the flow. Be myself. Relax.
I`ve been re-reading a great book called The Tao of Abundance by Laurence G. Boldt. It talks about how we can feel like the universe is against us and how that stems from feeling different and thus separate from everything and everyone around us. Lately I have been struggling with the fact that I don`t know Japanese fluently. I can speak a little but I can`t discuss anything in any depth. My attitude was changing into one of not caring. I found myself convinced that I don`t want to communicate with my co-workers; that somehow they didn`t have anything to talk about anyway and they would never understand me. DANGER! DANGER! This is racism at a very basic level and it was all rooted in the fact that I feel so separate from people around me.
So now!!! I`m just going to get it out there. I will be myself: ask stupid questions, make Megan-like comments (like commenting on how cute everything is, even though no Japanese person that I know would ever do that) and enjoy my time here as an artist.
Craft Land wa?

I like the bamboo-like sticks in the front right. I also like the fat floating blobs on the left.

Here`s a little work on paper. The dark red is glitter. What are all those squiggly lines? Maybe someday I will find out...

Ooh! What is that pretty box thing? A Japanese kite? A floating door? A road-side waffle? Hrmm... Whatever it is, the structure adds a nice contrast to the invasion of the squiggles.

More to come!