Friday, January 22, 2010


This is by David E. Kearns, a Vermont artist who's work I love.  His website does not do it justice because the images are too small to appreciate the interesting ways he uses paint.  His work is deceptive.  He has an innocent, primal way of approaching form that makes his work seem simple yes gorgeous in the same way that children's drawings are romanticized.  Out of my love of it, I tried copying certain elements and was blown away by how particular he paints and how much more complex it is than it seems.
Another of David's.  His use of blue in this slays me.
This is a georgeous book that Steph of Rivulette told me to check out because of the cover.  
It's amazing!  thanks!  I Just realized that she is making these awesome garland strings that I love:

Check them out in her shop!
I will not be blogging again for another two week chunk as I am off once again to Kripalu to complete my yoga teacher training.  Hope you are all well!  Until February! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Glitch (2010) 58"x 69", acrylic and gouache on collaged papers.

(detail of Glitch)

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Work

First Three (2010) 36"x36", acrylic and gouache on panel.

Mikel has been working his butt off for a while now totally re-working my website.  He put it up this weekend and it includes my work that I made at Vermont Studio Center.  It doesn't include my very newest work so I'll continue to post it on here so you can see it!

Another new painting!  Happy MLK Day!

What We Bring (2010) 36"x 36", acrylic and gouache on panel.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Vital Energy

Prana Ghost (2009) 36"x36" acrylic and gouache on panel.

A new painting that I finished yesterday.  What a yellow presence it has!

In yoga and Vedantic philosophy, Prana is the notion of life-sustaining energy.  
Much of what I'm learning in my yoga teacher training is how to pay attention to my own Prana (energy).  How to create more energy and how to use it efficiently and not waste it.  

***Free Yoga Classes!***
If you are in New York City and you would like a free yoga class or two to learn more about your energy or just to stretch the winter stiffness out of your bod, let me know and we can make a date before January 24th! 

Jai Bhaguan!
(Kripalu's version of "Namaste!":  The light within me honors the light within you.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year

"Slinky Pinky" (recently sold in my etsy shop!)

Happy New Year!  
Once again it has been an extended chunk of time between entries.  I have less to share with you visually than I do conceptually (hence the slightly outdated-yet-fun jewelry image above).

Continuing on my path toward work that is meaningful and fulfilling, I am currently working on my homework for my yoga certification (I return in two weeks to complete the course), applying to a few art residencies, working in my studio, and reading some excellent books.   

Yoga:  I've designed a 45 minute practice teach class that I will hopefully teach a few times to Mikel and other willing participants in the area before returning to Kripalu (any willing participants in the area?  Comment and let me know if you want a free yoga class or two!)  I have to record the audio of me teaching, listen to it while I "take" the class myself and write a paper about what I noticed.  I've already learned that I have a difficult time allowing other people to be uncomfortable.  This is a difficulty because, as a yoga teacher, I am creating a safe experience for my students to be present in, particularly experiences of being at the edge of their comfort zone.  This is inherently uncomfortable.  If I am unable to allow students to be uncomfortable, I will not be able to help them stay with their experience in a healthy, safe way.
I'm always learning!

Residencies:  Here's what I will be applying to in the next couple months:

Studio: I am working on five larger paintings in my studio right now, wrestling with new questions, particularly related to my previous discussions of imbued emptiness.  This is the first week that I have been able to spend much needed studio time sonce I went to Kripalu in November.  Eek!  That's what the holidays and other interests will do.  Anyway, Mikel is out of town this weekend so I am looking forward to zoning out in my studio-consciousness, jump-starting some sweet painting action.  

Books to blow your mind (or my mind anyway):

On a final note: I added about 6 plants to our plant-less apartment as well as about 8 candles.  The energy and oxygen levels seem much improved.  Like magic!  Highly recommended for a little winter uplift.