Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shanty Paradise In Process

My friend Michelle Summers requested some detail shots of Shanty Paradise, the installation I made last summer at The Barn.
This is a shot from the super cool catwalk above my studio.

This is the very beginning of the piece, before I knew it would turn into a huge luminous spaceship. It was based on a wasp's nest I found in a double decker bus.
As it grew, I started to hang it in the middle of the studio and photograph it, experimenting with lighting and context.
Then I found light blue abandoned maple sap tubes in the woods.
Finally, it made sense to hang from the large light in the middle of the whole room.
The light became as much of an element of the assemblage as any other piece.
This is a shot from under and behind it while in progress. During the assemblage process, I considered it important to be able to view it from all sides with just as much intensity and intrigue. I also photographed the whole assemblage process (once it hung from the light) which I hope to turn into an animation someday. It is very lovely to watch it grow in animation form.

(I hope these are detailed enough for you Michelle! xoxo :-)